Veniesa Dillon: Special Effects Artist 

Bringing Your Monsters/Characters to Life

Welcome! Learn all about my career as a certified artist right here. As a professional in the industry, my main focus is providing my clients with customized treatments or services that suit their individual needs. Since starting out in the industry in 2019, I’ve accumulated many on set experiences. Have a look at the services I offer, and get in touch to learn more.


I am a professionally trained and certified Special Effects makeup artist located in Los Angeles California. I can draw and design monsters, and characters using traditional styles, as well as creating maquettes, and prosthetics. I can also apply the prosthetics as well as build them.



Prosthetics/ Application

Get in touch now to have me apply the prosthetics needed to bring your character to life. All prosthetics will be custom made to fit your actor's to ensure comfort and allow for a great performance on screen.



Pre-Production Characters Designing

When coming up with a character or creature it is best to go to an artist that has an understanding of what monsters mean in your script. Every design I can build and apply on an actor, and will make sure it is what the directors and producers envisioned for the story.

Punk Chick


Bring your Movie Characters to Life

For film or T.V. you need to make sure that every character looks as realistic and apart of their environment as possible. This means cuts, wounds, facial hair and everything about them needs visually portray who they are before they even speak.


Monsters are either born, or made



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